OS X on a Dell Mini 9

These days, my primary computer is a 15″ MacBook Pro. It’s an amazing machine, but sometimes those 15″ can be a little unwieldy (yes, that’s what she said).

Apple used to make a small, very portable laptop: the 12″ PowerBook, which was unfortunately retired during Apple’s switch to the Intel platform. However, the transition did introduce the potential ability to run Mac OS X natively on non-Apple hardware. Whilst Apple don’t (currently) make their own netbook1, a big community has sprung up around running OS X on non-Apple netbooks. I should note from the outset that installing OS X on non-Apple hardware potentially violates the OS X EULA. If you’re going to do this, in the very least ensure you own a legal copy of Mac OS X Leopard.

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Building Ruby 1.9 on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

I’ve recently been learning Ruby, and I wanted to install Ruby 1.9 on OS X to try out some of the new features (the current ‘stable’ version of Ruby is 1.8.6). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one cohesive guide to doing this, and instead had to mash together various instructions from across the interwebs. I’ve pieced everything together here in the hope that it’ll help out someone else. 🙂

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